openFramework and AWS Tutorial by Omer and Ryan

Spacebrew was born in the LAB because we couldn't find an existing tool that supported our prototype-driven development process for creating interactive spaces. From the beginning, openness was a core element of the Spacebrew project - our goal was to create an open source tool that could be used, and improved, by a larger community of makers, designers, developers, hackers, artists, and architects. 

We are excited to see that people have started to create projects and tutorials related to Spacebrew. We are going to start celebrating this work here on the blog - starting with this post. Let us know what you are up to with Spacebrew by sending a note to the Spacebrew Google Group or using the contact us form on this site.

Video Tutorial by Omer and Ryan

A few weeks ago Omer and Ryan, two students from the Spatial Media class at ITP, put together an awesome Spacebrew tutorial from a bar in Williamsburg. This 10-minute tutorial first walks you through how to create a simple chat program using openFrameworks and Spacebrew. My favorite part though, is the tutorial on how to set-up a Spacebrew server on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server. Even I didn't know it could be done so fast. Check it out here.