New Javascript Sketches

Over the past months I’ve been playing around with Spacebrew using javascript, processing and arduinos. I had a lot of fun with my explorations and in the process I developed a bunch of sketches, some simple others more involved. This past weekend I uploaded a selection of javascript sketches. Here is a quick overview of the new stuff you'll find in the javascript examples repo on github:

iPhone Events!

iPhone Events!

  • iphone events: web app that forwards iphone accelerometer and gyrometer events to spacebrew. Has not been tested on other phones but should work on phones that support the appropriate html5 features.
  • colored screen: simple app that controls the background color of a browser window. It accepts three range values from spacebrew and uses those values to set the page’s background color. I played around with this sketch by running it on fullscreen on three  computers and controlling the color using the iphone events app on my phone.
  • slideshow:  simple social slideshow app. It accepts strings that contain urls that point to images and adds new images to the slideshow. The images are played in a continuous loop, and can also be controlled by commands received through spacebrew.
  • text transform: transforms text messages from spacebrew. The user interface enables users to link a “key” message to a “mapped” message (this combination is called a transform map). The app listens for incoming messages from spacebrew. If an incoming message is matched to a “key” message, then the corresponding “mapped” message is sent out to spacebrew.
  • url launcher (chrome extension): controls the navigation of your chrome browser. It accepts a string that contains a url. It also publishes a boolean value when the browser has been idle for a period of time that can be specified via the query string.  **disclaimer** this app will seriously take over your chrome browser so read the readme. Ok, it won't harm your machine but it may require that you quit out of chrome and disable the extension to learn how to configure the app via the query string.

I hope you find these sketches useful. Let me know if you have any questions (I'll be at the jam tomorrow night). I’ll also upload the arduino and processing sketches over the coming weeks.

Download these sketches and other spacebrew javascript examples.