Publish Tweet and Forward Instagram Photos


Earlier today we uploaded the latest version of the Spacebrew webservices forwarder app. Now you can publish tweets and forward images from instagram via Spacebrew.  We developed these apps as we continue to explore ways to integrate our favorite web services into Spacebrew environments.

Twitter Update App: this app accepts string messages from Spacebrew and publishes those messages to twitter. If a message is longer than 140 character, it will publish just the first 140 characters. In order to activate this app you need to link it to a twitter account every time you load it. As you would expect, the tweets are published to this account.

Instagram Forwarder App: this app allows you to search for images using tags only. Please note that Instagram only accepts tags that are one word long; so if you try to search for a two word tag the app won't return any results. In the near future we will are planning to add the ability to forward images based on location and user.

We are hosting an instance of these apps on our Spacebrew server so that you can check them out without needing to install a local version on your own computer, since that process is somewhat involved. Just follow the links above to give them a try. Please note that these apps are in alpha stage; and are likely to remain in alpha for the indefinite future.

If you do want to run a local instance of this app you will need to set-up an application with each of these web services and set-up a Temboo account. We use Temboo to interface with the APIs for all of these web services because it facilitates the authentication process, and provides a more consistent way to handle the API communications.