What's Brewing: Spacebrew x Parsons MFADT

The excellent MFADT program at Parsons invited Spacebrew to build a Collab class this semester. After diving into the nuts and bolts of Spacebrew, we had students build tutorials around the basics, including web-based apps, physical computing projects, and projects that featured Spacebrew's powerful custom types. 

The results have been amazing! In the coming weeks, we will start adding student-contributed tutorials to the section on this site. Until then, here are a few to check out!

Forget Me Not: Remote flower watering

Remote Party: Make a dramatic entrance to a party 

Next Round: An interactive beer coaster 

Using custom types in openFrameworks

Do Disturb Me: Sharing presence and personal status

Controlling sound with Spacebrew + LeapMotion

Arduino Laser Turret

For the remainder of the semester, students are working on large projects that either a) demonstrate unique capabilities of Spacebrew through an installation/experience, b) expand the capabilities of Spacebrew, or c) expand the Spacebrew community. 

Follow our progress at http://mfadt.parsons.edu/2013/ and keep an eye on this section and the tutorials!