What's Brewing: MMO Tug of War

The idea for this project came after watching Twitch Plays Pokemon. For those not familiar, Twitch Plays Pokemon was a live stream of the classic Gameboy game, however, it parsed through any text of the stream chat that used the words "Left", "Right", "Up", "Down", "Start" or "Select." These inputs were then used to control the game. Though simple in concept, making any progress is complicated by the fact that thousands of people are inputting commands simultaneously. In fact, at one point, over 100,000 people were participating in the event.

MMO Tug of War takes this idea and builds on it by bringing in a physical element. Instead of a
game that only takes place within a piece of software, the outcome of MMO Tug of War has very real consequences. Each team has a breakable object attached to a servo motor. When one team wins, the servo motor yanks the opposing teams object off a ledge where it is mercilessly shattered on the ground.