What's Brewing: Crystalline_Space_Fort

What's Brewing: Crystalline_Space_Fort

The art/tech collective, Snax_and_Macs (Lucy MatchettNicole Messier, Joselyn McDonald) designed Crystalline_Space_Fort. The modular installation with responsive projection piece was inspired by our desire to allow participants to experience wonder again in an immersive space/deep sea environ.  We wanted to share our curiosity with others by building an immersive interactive installation that was designed to replicate the exploration of an alien planet and deep sea elements with responsive and generative openFrameworks projections and sound sketches. 

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Spacebrew at CHI-NYC

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spacebrew Workshop at the CHI-NYC event last Thursday. We greatly enjoyed participating in the event, sharing with you about the LAB’s design process and leading the hands-on Spacebrew workshop. We hope that you found the workshop worth your time and effort.

We are sorry about the technical difficulties, such as having my laptop crash on numerous occasions during the workshop. That said, it seemed like we were able to get most everyone to connect their sketches to one of the other apps running the space.

Below I’ve included the Spacebrew presentation that we shared during the workshop. This presentation features an overview of how Spacebrew works, followed by the workshop slides. If you want more information, tutorials, or code associated to Spacebrew just checkout the  website website or Github repo.

Here is the final Processing sketch, which includes all Spacebrew functionality baked in.

Presentation and Pictures from Workshop at MAD

Thanks to everyone who joined us this past weekend at MAD for the Spacebrew workshop. We were happy that everyone was able to get a local server up and running, and that they were able to start connecting apps.  

Here is the presentation that we shared at the meet-up. Please note that the links on the presentation reference webpages that were running on a local server, so they won't work if you try to follow them. Also, most of the information featured in this presentation about running the server is also available at github.com/spacebrew/spacebrew.

After the presentation we've included a few pictures from the workshop. To take a look at all of the pictures, check out the set on flickr.



Another Successful Jam!

Spacebrew Jams in the Demo Bay

Spacebrew Jams in the Demo Bay

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their Saturday to hang out with us - it was great to work with such talented people, and we're grateful for the feedback received! 

In the Spacebrew zone.

In the Spacebrew zone.

We're now hard at work putting together tutorials and some more examples for you. Until next month's Jam, download Spacebrew from GitHub, or play around on the public Spacebrew cloud.

We'd love to see what you're up to - send any feedback or documentation of successful projects to lab@rockwellgroup.com. Jam on!

Spacebrew Hotel Hack

Josh remotely switches a lamp on with Spacebrew.  

Josh remotely switches a lamp on with Spacebrew.


Josh and James were in Austin, Texas on Wednesday and Thursday for a conference. They took some time from their busy schedules to hack their hotel rooms with Spacebrew. Thank you to InterContinental Hotel for another successful jam!


Our November Jam Session is tomorrow from 1PM-6PM. We'll be providing snacks, drinks, and an assortment of electronics and accessories for your hacking pleasure. Hope to see you there!

November Jam Session Rescheduled

While NYC recovers from Hurricane Sandy, we've decided to reschedule the November Jam Session for the following weekend: Saturday, November 10. Snacks and drinks are still on us, but we're counting on you for fun hacks and good storm stories. Until then - stay dry and be safe!


Testing Spacebrew 30,000 ft in the Air

Josh and James jamming across the aisle on their flight to Colorado.

Note the graph and sliders with Josh on one side representing software as input and output and the heart-rate monitor and LED bargraph near the camera with James representing hardware.

So much fun putting all these hardware and software components together on the fly!

The LAB (& co.) hard at work! Timelapse of the LAB’s Back Bay area during the Spacebrew Jam Session / Hackathon on October 5, 2012 from 3PM-8PM. The Back Bay was one of three areas used to build prototypes to test and develop Spacebrew - an open source dynamic toolkit for creating interactive spaces. Check it out here: spacebrew.cc

Prototypes made in the Back Bay area:
• Heart-rate LED light (brightness based on pulse).
• Motorized monitor flag that can be raised remotely (for getting a headphone-wearing coworker’s attention).
• Motorized laundry line messenger system (clip a note to the line deliver to the other side of the room).

Music: Complesso Tecnico Disadattato by Cobol Pongide