What's Brewing: Remote Presence Platform

Our friend Adam Lassy and his colleagues at MadSci Lab, Havas' Emerging Technologies Lab, have created a really awesome remote presence platform using Spacebrew. The goal for this project was to create a platform that can "remotely control actuators (servos, dc motors, linear actuators, etc) in a flexible way." Spacebrew is used to link the local and remote apps. 

Back in grad school I tried to create a remote/internet controllable cat toy like the one featured as an example of how this remote presence platform can be used - my attempts failed miserably.  I'm happy that someone has finally been able to pull this off in such an awesome way.

Check out their blog for more information about this project.

Spacebrew.js Apps with Built-in Routing Capabilities

Now you can create spacebrew.js apps with built in routing capabilities. As shown in the video above, it is now possible to embed the ability to connect your app to a subscriber or publisher directly from the app itself.

We developed these prototypes (along with the updates to the spacebrew.js library) primarily for mobile apps since our current web-based admin tool does not render well on most mobile devices. Here are links for the three different prototypes that we created for you to try out. First off we have the button prototype. Next up we have the slider prototype. Finally we have the string sender prototype.

All three of these examples use an updated version of the javascript library coupled with an admin mixin, which provides the admin functionality. This new library and the admin mixim are not  available in the spacebrew.js repo because they are not officially supported yet (in other words, we haven't tested them thoroughly enough). However, you can get a sneak peak here.

From a broader perspective these apps demonstrate how anyone can create their own custom admin apps, or integrate admin functionality into their client apps. Soon we hope to provide more documentation that will help you explore these areas.