Spacebrew at CHI-NYC

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spacebrew Workshop at the CHI-NYC event last Thursday. We greatly enjoyed participating in the event, sharing with you about the LAB’s design process and leading the hands-on Spacebrew workshop. We hope that you found the workshop worth your time and effort.

We are sorry about the technical difficulties, such as having my laptop crash on numerous occasions during the workshop. That said, it seemed like we were able to get most everyone to connect their sketches to one of the other apps running the space.

Below I’ve included the Spacebrew presentation that we shared during the workshop. This presentation features an overview of how Spacebrew works, followed by the workshop slides. If you want more information, tutorials, or code associated to Spacebrew just checkout the  website website or Github repo.

Here is the final Processing sketch, which includes all Spacebrew functionality baked in.

Presentation and Pictures from Workshop at MAD

Thanks to everyone who joined us this past weekend at MAD for the Spacebrew workshop. We were happy that everyone was able to get a local server up and running, and that they were able to start connecting apps.  

Here is the presentation that we shared at the meet-up. Please note that the links on the presentation reference webpages that were running on a local server, so they won't work if you try to follow them. Also, most of the information featured in this presentation about running the server is also available at

After the presentation we've included a few pictures from the workshop. To take a look at all of the pictures, check out the set on flickr.



Learn to Set-up a Local Server: Workshop at MAD


We are excited to announce our next Spacebrew workshop  at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) on this coming Saturday, June 1st. This jam session is the third and last installment of our workshop series that is part of the After the Museum exhibit.

This time around, we'll teach you how to set-up your own Spacebrew sever. Anyone is welcome to join, familiarity with Spacebrew and attendance to previous workshops from this series is not required. That said, some experience with coding and using a computer terminal or console application will be helpful.

Just like our previous sessions, everyone who signs up will get complimentary entrance to the museum. Spots are limited so sign-up todayWe're looking forward to seeing you there.

We're Back: Museum of Art and Design Workshop


We are excited to announce that our next Spacebrew workshop at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) is coming up on May 11th. This is the second installment of our workshop series, which is part of the After the Museum exhibit. 

Space is limited so make sure to sign-up for the event on meet-up as soon as possible. The workshop will take place on the 6th floor, in a room with beautiful views of central park. You will also get free access to the entire museum. 

Here is a quick overview of the day's activities:

  • We will begin with a 30-minute overview of Spacebrew,  which will cover why it was created and how it works, followed by a few live demos.
  • Then we'll dive into an hour long hands-on workshop where we will take participants through our a tutorial for connecting an LED strip to Spacebrew using Arduino and Processing.
  • After the workshop we will hang out for a few hours to help people who are interested in learning about more advanced uses of Spacebrew, and who want to integrate Spacebrew into their personal projects. 
  • If you want to a Spacebrew project on which you've been working, let us know and we'll try to carve out 5-minutes for you after the workshop.

You don't need to have any previous experience with Processing or Arduino to take part in the workshop. The workshop will be a little challenging for you, if you've never written any code before. However, if you are up for the challenge we'll help you through it.

We will bring a few Arduinos, breadboards and components for participants to use in the workshop, however, we will not be able to provide laptops or computers. Please note that people will have to work together in groups, as we won't have enough components for everyone.  Feel free to bring your own gear, just check out the tutorial to see what basic components to bring.

About MAD: The Museum of Art and Design explores the blur zone between art, design, and craft today. Accredited by the American Association of Museums since 1991, MAD focuses on contemporary creativity and the ways in which artists and designers from around the world transform materials through processes ranging from the artisanal to the digital.

Spacebrew Session at ArtsTech Unconference

n April 27th we're holding a Spacebrew workshop at the #ArtsTech Unconference in NYC. This session will be a streamlined version of the workshop from our monthly meet-ups.  There will be a lot of other interesting presenters, workshops and performances at this event so we hope to see you there.

Here is a brief description of our workshop:

Spacebrew is an open, dynamically re-routable software toolkit for choreographing interactive spaces. Or, in other words, a simple way to connect interactive things to one another. In this hands-on workshop you will use ArduinoProcessing and Spacebrew to dynamically connect a light sensor to various apps and objects. Bring your computer and we’ll bring a handful or Arduino boards and sensors that you can share with other participants. No previous experience with Arduino and Processing are required.



Spacebrew Goes MAD: March Session


Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend for our first workshop at MAD, which doubled as our official March meet-up. We had a great turnout, a couple of hick-ups, some internet issues but in the end we were to connect a whole bunch of sensors, objects and applications together. Here are some pictures from Josh, who came all the way from Seattle to join us for this event. Over the next couple of days we'll upload a few more photos from other participants.

Our next workshop at MAD, and meet-up, is scheduled for May 11th. We'll be following a similar structure, however, we'll switch up the hands-on workshop to feature a different tutorial. We're still figuring out the details, but we'll keep you updated here on our blog, and on twitter - @spacebrewcc.